The Harrier Group employs modern software development techniques and tools to take your systems to the next level.

Custom Software for the Equipment Leasing Industry


Do you have a custom business process that is not supported by your Lease Accounting software? Do you need better metrics for running your leasing business? The Harrier Group has a plan to make your core systems better fit your needs.


  • Data Warehouses

  • Reporting

  • Dashboards

  • Financial Calculators

Sample Applications 

  • Vendor & Client Portals

  • Partner Interfaces

  • Portfolio Sale Management

  • Residual Value Insurance


Custom Software for Project Management and Resourcing


Do you need better software support for your project acquisition, management, and staffing? The Harrier Group’s experience in these areas will help you and your team be more efficient.


Custom Software for You


Most of what we have done in the past applies to other industries. Give us a call to find out how we can help your company.


We’ve been doing this a while.

  • Your mission is our mission. Your problems are our problems. You see where this is going. :) We work closely with your team throughout the process.

  • We never start building until we fully understand your business needs and a detailed plan is created.

  • We are obsessed with small details. To paraphrase Billy Joel: Get it right the first time, that’s the main thing.

  • We provide full life-cycle support: business analysis & requirements, system design, development, testing, and long-term support.


Founded by Michael Lyncheski and Robert Riviera in 1991, the Harrier Group is one of the most respected software development firms in the equipment leasing industry.


Technology Stack

Our current tool box includes:

  • React for building single page applications using HTML5

  • ES6 for tying it all together

  • SASS/CSS3 for styling

  • Microsoft .NET Core and C# for REST APIs

  • Microsoft Entity Framework Core for database access

  • Microsoft SQL Server for database storage

  • Microsoft Azure for cloud services

The Harrier Group is a Microsoft Developer Partner.

What is a Harrier?

Northern Harrier in Flight

Northern Harrier in Flight

The Northern Harrier is a slender bird of prey which commonly hunts over marshes during the day. They are recognized by their long wings, owlish faces, and low flight while hunting for small animals. Northern Harriers are relatively common, but their populations are declining.


Why use the Harriers?

  • We have significant experience in understanding business processes and in software development which translates into custom solutions that help you manage your business more effectively.

  • We have an extensive framework for building software systems, so we get started with a minimum of overhead.

  • Our customers love that we have their best interests in everything we do. All of our work has come from referrals from previous clients.

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